Review of RRR: Rajamouli’s film is an action-packed freak show

Story: When Ramaraju and Bheem cross paths in Delhi, they become close friends. What occurs when they discover one another’s true intentions?

RRR Movie Review: The Conclusion was the last film directed by SS Rajamouli to impress audiences. It took him five long years to conceptualize, film, and release his next film, RRR (which was also dubbed in Hindi). Having Jr. NTR and Ram Charan in the lead roles of a multi-starrer may seem like an accomplishment in and of itself. However, Rajamouli also succeeds when it comes to the plot.

RRR has a relatively straightforward premise. The British revere and fear a young, enraged police officer, Ramaraju (Ram Charan), whom they refer to as “fire.” He has done their bidding for years, and he is the one they send after anyone they wish to capture, yet he has never been accorded sufficient respect due to the color of his skin. Then there’s Bheem (Jr NTR), who has brute strength but uses it only when it serves his purpose. He is a Gond tribal who has traveled to the city to rescue Malli, a young girl who was kidnapped by Lady Scott (Alison Doody) to be the singing doll “on (her) mantelpiece.” However, this is only the beginning of the story.

RRR Movie Review
RRR Movie Review

New calling cards by Rajamouli appear to be constructing a new world. Because, despite being based on two historical revolutionaries, RRR is a completely fictional story. In the 1920s Delhi becomes his new canvas. Bheem may have fought against the Nizams to the extent that one of them feels compelled to warn the British not to underestimate him. However, he also finds refuge among Muslims in Delhi. Ramaraju may appear to be a well-trained soldier who will blindly follow orders, but he also appears to have a past that only his uncle (Samuthirakani) is aware of. Scott (Ray Stevenson) may believe that “brown trash” deserves even a bullet, but Jennifer (Olivia Morris) is more compassionate. This is not a freedom movement in which one turns the other cheek; rather, it is one in which weapons are used.

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The first half of RRR operates flawlessly. There is an emotional core in Malli, a song and dance in Naatu Naatu that will make you smile, an exploration of friendship in Dosti, and even a few laughs whenever Bheem attempts to befriend Jennifer. There are cinematic liberties, but they are not as noticeable as in the second half, where the film falters slightly. Some scenes seem to drag because we already know something that the main character does not. The manner in which Ramaraju’s fiancée Sita (Alia Bhatt) is woven into the plot, in addition to Ram Charan’s transformation into a different persona, seems forced in an otherwise straightforward story. After the effortless way in which Bheem is established despite not being told much, the narrative progression of Ramaraju seems forced. The conclusion leaves something to be desired. Fortunately, however, the film manages to surprise you. Rajamouli also makes clever use of certain tropes established in the film’s early portions in its later portions.

RRR Movie Review
RRR Movie Review

Nonetheless, Rajamouli accomplishes something that audiences have longed for: a commercial action drama that will keep you thoroughly entertained. A concise screenplay also prevents the film’s length from being a detriment.

Certain visual effects could have been enhanced. Best performance of his career by Jr NTR. His emotional moments as Bheem are particularly endearing, as are his desperation to find Malli and his affection for Ramaraju. Ram Charan also performs admirably, imbuing his character’s transformations with soul. Tarak and Charan have the required chemistry for their respective roles. Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Samuthirakani, Ajay Devgn, and Shriya Saran, among others, perform admirably in their roles. Olivia manages to win your heart in particular. Alison and Ray perform their roles with ease. The film’s OST by Keeravani may not be for everyone, but his BGM is excellent. The camera work of Senthil is also delightful.

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After seeing how Rajamouli executes certain scenes, one wonders if he could have done a better job with others. Therefore, RRR is by no means flawless. If you’ve been craving an action-packed drama, you should watch this one this weekend. In particular, if you are a fan of the lead duo.

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