PUBG New State Mobile: Announcement of the open Tournament in India

PUBG New State Mobile: Announcement of the open Tournament in India
PUBG New State Mobile: Announcement of the open Tournament in India

PUBG New State Mobile: A multiplayer online battle royale video game with a futuristic theme that was developed by PUBG Studios and released by Krafton is called NEW STATE Mobile (previously known as PUBG: New State). On November 11, 2021, the game was made available on iOS and Android devices via the App Store (iOS/iPad), Google Play, and Samsung Galaxy Store. After PUBG: Battlegrounds and the mobile version, it is the second entry in the PUBG Universe. The game had more than 50 million downloads as of December 2021.

The gameplay of PUBG New State Mobile

In NEW STATE Mobile, 100 players are deployed by jumping out of a plane on the game’s main map, a remote 8×8 island called Troi, where they must gather resources and engage in combat with one another to survive. The player who survives the longest is declared the winner. The setting of Troi, which takes place in 2051 in the northern United States, features futuristic landscapes, structures, and monuments. New additions include the ability to revive fallen teammates, “recruit” downed foes, use drones, ballistic shields, neon sights, and combat balance. Vehicles include speedboats, gliders, motorcycles, buggies, and futuristic automobiles.

Players in NEW STATE Mobile can alternate between a first-person and third-person perspective, and the game includes interacting items and buildings with destructible windows and doors. Additionally, it offers options for changing the firing mode of the weapon as well as grenade launchers, grips, sights, silencers, and other kinds of weapon accessories.

Additional 4v4 multiplayer modes in the game, like team deathmatch, let players choose from up to four different weapon load-outs. It also includes an updated version of the original PUBG “Erangel” map. [9]

PUBG New State Mobile
PUBG New State Mobile


A different game from PUBG: Battlegrounds and its mobile version, set shortly (2051), and a part of the PUBG world, was revealed in February 2021 by PUBG Studios, an internal subsidiary of Krafton (the business that publishes the game).

The game received over 20 million pre-registrations on Google Play alone, Krafton claimed in July 2021.

After 28 countries participated in the alpha testing, it was completed on August 28. The developers then used the user feedback to implement fixes and improvements. After pre-registration for iOS was made available in September 2021, the game’s combined pre-registrations on Google Play and the App Store exceeded 50 million.

A name change from “PUBG: New State” to “New State Mobile” was announced on January 27, 2022. The modification was then made to take effect across all platforms.


On November 11, 2021, the game was made available worldwide for iOS and Android devices.


PUBG New State Mobile..
PUBG New State Mobile.

Krafton has partnered with Croatian automaker Rimac from the first season of the game. Additionally, in March 2022, Among Us, in April 2022, and Dead by Daylight, in October 2022, the game worked together.

The gameplay of PUBG: New State includes several novel elements. Now, the year of the game is 2051. This indicates that outdated military equipment is no longer commonplace. Instead, you have access to cutting-edge equipment and vehicles. Additionally, you can obliterate the game environments to serve your needs. New features like adding “downed” opponents to your team and an updated Erangel map are among the other additions. New players will require all the assistance they can get given how many new features have been added to the game.

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Tips and Tricks

landing quickly. Several locations in each PUBG: If you want top-notch loot, New State maps are ideal.

Pick your first firearm carefully.

If you’re new, look at the Training Ground.

Avoid rushing opponents unless it is absolutely necessary.

Check your surroundings while looting.


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New System Requirements for PUBG, Download Link

The PUBG: New State game on Android is 1.4GB in size.


The following are the requirements for playing PUBG:

RAM size: 8 GB. GPU: AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB.


The game mechanics have undergone some significant changes with PUBG: New State.
Due to the difficulty of the opponents and the novel gameplay elements, beginners might find the game a little intimidating.
If you’re a beginner, these PUBG: New State tips and tricks will help you get through!


So there you have it—our top PUBG: New State advice. If you’re new to the game, put these suggestions into practice, and you’ll have a much simpler time playing. Additionally, including a couple of these ideas in your playtime routines can make it simpler for you to adjust to the new gameplay dynamics. Even though PUBG: New State has new features, beginners should still adhere to this fundamental advice because it will help them better comprehend the basics of the game.

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